November 26, 2014


This issue of the Academic Affairs Newsletter highlights just how enthusiastically our faculty engage their students in activities outside of the classroom. Their accomplishments are so intertwined that a new section of the newsletter has been created below specifically for joint faculty and student activities. The successes of our faculty ultimately promote student learning and the successes of our students depend on faculty support. The two go hand-in-hand and the accomplishments of this past month clearly verify that.

Enjoy the newsletter and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Best regards,

John Shannon, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs


Amy Alexander, Ed.D., traveled with ten Franks School of Education students to Indianapolis for the annual Indiana State Educators Association (SEA) Fall Conference. State Superintendent Glenda Ritz and the National Education Association student representative were among those who addressed over 100 pre-service teachers from across the state.

Professor Linda Conley accompanied students Dustin Hall, Shelby Ditto and Khelley Adams to the Tenneco open house in Angola. Also, Professor Conley’s Professional Development Strategies class completed the Strong Interest Inventory. Career Services’ Linda Cooper and Terry Johnson administered the assessment and assisted the class in interpreting their results.

Steve Dulaney, Ph.D., Tony Layson, Ph.D., and the Trine ACS student organization held their annual Halloween Chemistry Demonstration. To the delight of the students, pumpkins breathed flames, were colorfully set on fire, and unceremoniously blown up.

Design Engineering and Technology Professor John Eiler guided the Society of Automotive Engineers student team to a very successful weekend at Mid-Ohio Sports car course. The team also travelled to Gingerman raceway where six student drivers were able to drive the car on the track.

Seven ESL instructors took students Kensuke Suzuki and Maggy Delmont to the INTESOL Conference held on the IUPUI campus.

Maria Gerschutz, Ph.D., and Darryl Webber, Ph.D., took the Biomaterials Class to an American Society of Materials meeting in Warsaw featuring industry speakers focusing on biomaterials.

The Thomas and Joy LaCour Golf Management Program hosted a Golf Management/Varsity Golf Visit Day where current and prospective students played 9 holes of golf at Zollner after hearing from Trine faculty, staff, golf coaches, and a student panel.

Gary Greene, Ph.D., accompanied 29 students as part of the Civil Engineering Materials class on a field trip to a local hot-mix asphalt plant. The field trip was coordinated by the Asphalt Paving Association of Indiana (APAI). APAI also coordinated a guest lecture in CE 3203 that was given by an expert in the asphalt paving industry.

Bill Barry, Ph.D., Ann Benson, Catherine Benson, Amy Alexander, Ph.D., Emily Chancellor, Linda Conley, Jean Deller, Ph.D., Brandy DePriest, Gary Greene, Ph.D., Karen Hamilton, Ph.D., Tricia Hersel, Julie Howenstine, Ph.D., Dustin Jenkins, Ph.D., Mark Kays, Tony Kline, Ph.D., Marek Kolar, Ph.D., Craig Laker, Dan Matthews, Lucy Matthews, TJ Murphy, Sarah Nestor, Ph.D., Amy Nicholls, Julie Pfafman, Kathy Pollock, Alex Odemba, Ryan Overton, Ph.D., Jeremy Rentz, Ph.D., John Shannon, Ph.D., Hope Sheets, Mechelle Snyder-Bruns, Cathy Swick, Ph.D., Toby Swick, Ph.D., Tim Tyler, Ph.D., Alison Witte, Ph.D., participated with numerous Trine students in the Walk Into My Future event, providing fun educational activities to over 2,000 K-3 students from Lagrange County.

Ketner School of Business started a new golf organization called Tee It Up: Trine. This group will focus on philanthropy, engaging people in the game of golf, and networking in the golf industry. Catherine Benson is the advisor and the students have recently voted on officers. By the end of the semester, the group intends to go to Student Government for recognition as a student organization. The group had a fun match play event at Zollner on October 27th.

Tony Layson, Ph.D., and Steve Dulaney, Ph.D., took eight students to Fort Wayne to hear Dr. Greg Smith from the Indianapolis Museum of Art talk about the use of modern analytical chemistry techniques in the analysis of priceless art. His talk, Vanishing Van Gogh – The Analysis and Virtual Restoration of Color Fading in Vincent’s Undergrowth with Two Figures, was sponsored by the North East Section of the American Chemical Society.

Civil Engineering Professor T.J. Murphy attended a Lagrange County Regional Utility District Board Meeting with a group of civil engineering Senior Design students who will be evaluating an expansion of the water distribution system for the utility.

Ryan Overton, Ph.D., accompanied nine civil engineering students to the Rich DiGeronimo Constructor for a Day program in Toledo, Ohio. The students toured three job sites including an interchange construct, a suspension bridge rehabilitation, and a combined sewer expansion.

John Patton, Ph.D., Allen Hersel, Ph.D., Amanda Malefyt, Ph.D,  and Jeff Raymond took a group of chemical engineering students (bioseparations class plus two additional students) to tour the Pfizer facility in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Majid Salim, Ph.D., and Jeffrey Raymond accompanied 10 chemical engineering students to Steel Dynamics on an AIChE plant trip.

Society of Women Engineers took a field trip to tour the Spangler Candy factory in Bryan, Ohio. Sixteen students and two faculty attended the field trip.

DET Professor Brian Thomas accompanied students Marcus Smith, Jessica Riemesch, Kaethe Henke, Josiah Ward, Casimir Kromkowski, Luke Wenger, and Megan Ulrich  to Detroit to work with Samaritan’s Purse to clean basements that had been flooded.

Engineering Lab Technician Joe Thompson took a group of Design Engineering and Mechanical Engineering students on a tour of Metal Technologies where they discussed co-op opportunities and manufacturing operations.

The forensic science student club, TUFFS, and the criminal justice student association, ACJA, prepared a mock crime scene for students and faculty to practice their crime scene investigation skills.


Allen School of Engineering students Leisha Beutler, Alexandrea Ziaya, Robin Furnsh, and Victoria DiFranco attended the National Society of Women Engineers conference in Los Angeles, California: three of them received job offers.

Senior Exercise Science major Alison Everetts presented Resting Away Sanity: A Classic Short Story Meets Modern Health Science in Taylor Hall’s Wells Theater. Alison discussed the nineteenth-century rest cure and a modern clinician’s view of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s classic short story The Yellow Wall Paper.

Amanda Higbee, sophomore COM major, traveled to Louisville, KY in October to receive the American Degree at the FFA National Convention.

Gus Lukens, finance major, is running for school board member in his home town.

Derek Miller, senior in COM/MK, was offered a position as a Digital Marketing Specialist for Imavex, a digital marketing, website design, and online strategy company headquartered in Noblesville, Indiana.

Mechanical engineering students Eric Nixon, Dustin Arvola, Clint Zorger, and Jacob Haller received scholarships from the Northern Indiana Chapter of the American Foundry Society. The scholarships were awarded at the chapter meeting in Columbia City, Indiana.

Three civil engineering students, Melissa Smiles, Hillary Yentes, and Hayden Zimmer, were awarded scholarships from the Asphalt Pavement Association of Indiana (APAI). They will be recognized at APAI’s winter conference in Indianapolis in January 2015.

Trine University’s American Criminal Justice Association team: Dustin Tucker, Dylan Risser, Brenden Haile, Andrew O’Connor, Kayla Keith, Brandon Wilson, John Kidd, Richard Hocker, Brittney Hampton, John Daniel, Stacy Herook, Josh Howe, Katelyn Sager, Mikayla Marcinek and Marc Edwards, won 16 awards (five team and 11 individual) during the 2014 regional conference in Baxter, MN.

ACJA/TAO was presented with the Student Government Golden Gavel Award on November 15th during halftime at the football game.

The Trine Chamber Orchestra and University Choir presented a Halloween Concert on October 26th and the Jazz Band and Jazz Combo Concert took place on November 9th.

Taiwanese graduate student Hsiang Ling Lin was part of a group presentation, Chinese and Middle Eastern Perceptions of American Classroom Culture at INTESOL, and she created the PowerPoint presentation for the group.


Presentations and Publications

Informatics faculty member Bill Barge presented his paper, A Model of Packet Loss in the Bluetooth Low Energy Component of a Wearable Body Area Network Caused by Interference from a Residential Microwave Oven, at the IEEE Healthcare Innovation/Point-of-Care Technologies Conference (HIC-POCT’14) in Seattle, WA.

Kimberly Beran-Shepler, D.P.T., co-presented Fort Wayne Area Interprofessional Education Consortium Promotes Interprofessional Partnership and she co-authored a poster titled Interprofessional Research Guidelines: A Community Research Consortium Approach to Implementing at the Xi-Nu Research Showcase in Fort Wayne, IN.

English as a Second Language (ESL) faculty members Sarah Algaradi, Hsiang Ling Lin, Graham Reeves, Kate Villafranca, and Gail Lugo presented Chinese and Middle Eastern Perceptions of American Classroom Culture at the INTESOL Conference held on the IUPUI campus. Graham Reeves, Kate Villafranca, Lara Covey, and Gail Lugo also presented Online and Student-Generated Video in Grammar Classes.

Erica Hutton, Ph.D., presented Exploring Patterns of Perpetration and Victimization: Establishing Baseline Typologies for Profiling the Murders of Pregnant Women at the Indiana Association of Social Sciences Annual Conference at Anderson University. She also presented her study on Investigating the Criminality of Home-Invasion Robbery: A Comparative Analysis of Profiling Measures and Typology of Perpetration at the annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology in San Francisco.

Mathematics faculty member Haseeb Kazi, Ph.D., presented his paper, Fostering Undergraduate Research at the MAA Indiana Section Meeting at Trine University.

Tony Kline, Ph.D., presented Kids Are Just Kids, Right? at the annual Indiana State Educators Association (SEA) Fall Conference to pre-service teachers.

Tony Kline, Ph.D., has given a series of workshops titled “Learning How to Learn” to Trine students. These workshops are sponsored by the Office of Student Success and Retention.

Sarah Nestor, Ph.D., presented Irish Women and Political Action in Maeve Kelly’s Necessary Treasons at the Midwest-American Conference for Irish Studies in November at Oakland University in Rochester, MI.

Thomas Ruediger, D.Sc., D.P.T., co-authored an article titled Reliability, reference values and predictor variables of the ulnar sensory nerve in disease free adults published in the journal Clinical Neurophysiology. He also presented Student Engagement in Learning Research Methods: Searching for the Holy Grail at the Lilly Conference in Traverse City Michigan.

Thomas Ruediger, D.Sc, D.P.T., and Kimberly Beran-Shepler, D.P.T., presented Intramuscular Needling at the meeting of the Northeast Indiana section of the American Physical Therapy Association at the new Health Education Center on Carew Street in Fort Wayne.

Mathematics faculty member Steve Schonefeld, Ph.D., presented Amorous Bugs and Pursuit Problems at the MAA Indiana Section Meeting at Trine University. Feng Tian, Ph.D., also presented his paper, Spectral Theory of Multiple Intervals at the meeting.

John Shannon, Ph.D., presented Developing a Sustainable Financial Model for International Recruitment and Enrollment at the 2014 CIC Institute for Chief Academic and Chief Financial Officers in Portland, OR.

Justin Young, Allison Witte, Ph.D., and Amy Nicholls presented The English Major for the 21st Century: Redefining English at a Career-Focused University at the Watson Conference held in Louisville, KY. They also presented The English Major for the 21st Century: Redefining ‘English’ at a Career-Focused University at the conference.

Conferences and Meetings Attended

Department of Mathematics, Informatics, & Cybersecurity Chair Bill Barge attended the IEEE Healthcare Innovation/Point-of-Care Technologies Conference in Seattle, WA. He also attended the Information Technology Fall Advisory Committee Meeting at Northwest State Community College in Archbold, OH.

Max Baumgartner, Ph.D., and Jean Deller, Ph.D., attended the ARC-PA Accreditation Conference in Atlanta, GA.

Max Baumgartner, Ph.D., and Kimberly Beran-Shepler, D.P.T., participated in the American Physical Therapy Association’s Educational Leadership Conference in Kansas City, MO.

The Forensic Science Advisory Board annual meeting was held at Hall’s Restaurant in Fort Wayne. Those in attendance were: Ann Benson, Angela Bojrab, D.P.M., Craig Laker, and Lori Healy.

Kristina Brewer (MILS, Library Director) attended the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services 2014 Annual Meeting in Battle Creek, MI, She also attended the 2-day “WMS User Group Meeting” in Green Castle, IN to learn about the features and functionality of the new integrated library system.

Allen School of Engineering and Technology faculty attended the inaugural meeting of the Center for Teaching and Learning to listen to two Purdue professors invited by Jamie Canino, Ph.D., who are leading the way in improving engineering education.

Steven Dulaney, Ph.D., attended the 10th Annual Midwest Carbohydrate and Glycobiology Symposium at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI.

Bob Freeman (MIS, Information Services Librarian) attended the 2014 Indiana Online User Group Conference “Library Hacks: New Roles, New Tech, New Spaces” in Indianapolis.

Gary Greene, Ph.D., attended the American Concrete Institute convention in Washington, DC.

ESL instructors Jennifer Griggs, Lara Covey, Sarah Algaradi, Hsiang Ling Lin, Graham Reeves, Kate Villafranca, and Gail Lugo attended the INTESOL Conference held at IUPUI.

Karen Hamilton, Ph.D., attended a meeting of the Indiana Association of Colleges for Teacher Education at Ball State University.

Allen Hersel, Ph.D. and VK Sharma, Ph.D., attended the annual MUPEC meeting at the Valparaiso University.

Marek Kolar, Ph.D., and Professor Linda Conley attended the ACBSP Region 4 Conference in South Bend. Professor Conley also attended a NIHRA meeting, the topic was Muscle Strength & Wellness: Mitigating Risk, Saving Your Organization Money.

The Department of Mathematics, Informatics, & Cybersecurity hosted the Mathematical Association of America Indiana Section Meeting at Trine University. Attending the meeting were department members AJ Alnaser, Ph.D., Bill Barge, Emily Chancellor, Lauren Decker, Dan Gibson, Haseeb Kazi, Ph.D., Steve Schonefeld, Ph.D., Joni Smith, Feng Tian, Ph. D., Deb Van Rie, Ph.D., and Christina Zumbrun.

Vernon J. Stanger attended the Professional Issues Update seminar presented by the Indiana CPA Society.

Professor Tom Trusty, Bill Barry, Ph.D., Allen Hersel, Ph.D., Andrea Mitofsky, Ph.D, VK Sharma, Ph.D, John Wagner, Ph.D., and Darryl Wagner, Ph.D., attended the engineering Industry Night dinner and presentations.

TimTyler, Ph.D., attended the 45th Annual Ohio River Valley Soil Seminar in Cincinnati, Ohio. The theme for this year’s conference was the geotechnical engineering aspects of waterfront development.

Sarah Wagner, MLIS, participated in the following webinars: FulfILLment, an Open Source Interlibrary Loan Solution; 10 Things about Copyright; Instructional Design Best Practices; and OCLC Collection Evaluation Tool.

Special Recognition

David Anspaugh, Ed.D.,  received the highest professional award given by the Indiana Association for Health Physical Education Recreation. He also received the highest award from the Tennessee Association, Southern District, Midwest District, as well as national, AHPERD (now called SHAPE).

James Canino, Ph.D., was named chair of the Aerospace Division for the 2015 ASEE Annual Conference.

Jean Deller, Ph.D., has successfully passed the training for the Higher Learning Commission as a peer review chair.

Maria Gerschutz, Ph.D., reviewed an article for the Journal of Rehabilitation, Research and Development (JRRD).

Don Jones, Ph.D., and Cheryl Skiba-Jones completed work as reviewers for the April 2015 annual meeting of the Central States Communication Association in Madison, WI. Don Jones reviewed competitive papers and panels for three divisions: Public Relations, Rhetorical Theory and Criticism, and Popular Culture. Cheryl Skiba-Jones reviewed competitive papers and panels for the Organizational and Professional Communication division and also reviewed exceptional teaching activities and assignments for the Great Ideas for Teaching (GIFT) division.

Jon Koch, Ph.D., James Canino, Ph.D., and mechanical engineering technician Joe Thompson received advanced dynamometer training from Land and Sea Inc.

John Milliken, J.D., substituted as the public address announcer for two Trine football games.

Sarah Young’s dissertation proposal on temperance, gender, and empire in early nineteenth century U.S. literature was approved in October; she is now ABD.

Kiwon Park, Ph.D., reviewed a paper “Energy harvesting using parametrically amplified piezoelectric cantilevers” for the International Journal of Engineering and Manufacturing.

DET Professor Tom Trusty was asked to be the advisor for the newly formed Ducks Unlimited student organization. The first meeting was held, and student interest is high across campus. He also reviewed papers for the upcoming International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education, updated the IL/IN ASEE section website in his role as webmaster, served as Vice-Chair of ASEE, and submitted the annual report as the Trine University Campus Representative for ASEE.

T.J. Murphy reviewed and provided input to the Fort Wayne City Utilities Draft Stormwater Design Standards Manual.


Dual enrollment teachers (33) from all over northern Indiana representing 20 high schools were on campus to observe Trine professors teaching and engaged in professional development.

Design Engineering and Technology Professor John Eiler arranged the procurement of a Haas Simulator. This CNC control panel simulates all the functions of our lathe and mill making it much easier for students to apply concepts and use the actual equipment.

Eight new courses were added to the English as a Second Language curriculum to better prepare international students for their academic careers at Trine University.

English as a Second Language students enjoyed several outings in the month of October. They went bowling at Angola Bowl, visited Wild Winds Buffalo in Freemont, had a pumpkin-carving party, and had the opportunity to join the Multicultural Student Organization on a trip to an Amish farm.

The Humanities Symposium series, The Overlooked Film Festival, and Steuben County READ Express events are well-attended by both students and community members alike. Additionally, these offer students a wide variety of CHAT events to attend.

Jannen School of Arts and Sciences Career Night involved the following organizations: Bowen Center, Elkhart County Sheriff’s Dept., Fort Wayne Police Dept., Indiana State Police, Parkview Health Security, Parkview Health Police and Security, Rise, Inc. and Youth Opportunity Center.

Ketner School of Business Career Night was co-sponsored by Delta Mu Delta and the American Marketing Association. Companies attending the night were Becker Professional Education, BKD CPA’s & Advisors, Enterprise Holding, Fifth Third Bank, FireKeepers Casino Hotel, Fort Wayne Mad Ants, Fort Wayne TinCaps, and Medical Protective.

The Northern Indiana Chapter of the American Foundry Society recognized the quality of Trine University’s Cast Metal program by presenting Darryl Webber, Ph.D., with a donation of $10,000. These funds were designated to support the Cast Metals laboratory and student participation in AFS and FEF meetings, events, and programs.


Tri-State 1962 Radio Engineering alumnus Clay Abrams visited the ECE Department on September 28th and 29th.

ECE Department PAB member and 1959 Tri-State alumnus Bill Becher spoke to the student IEEE group about amateur radio.

Cassandra Hager, CH/FS major, 2014 has been accepted into a Master’s degree program in chemistry at University of Central Michigan.

Samuel Montes, CH/FS major, 2014 has secured a position with Forensic Fluids Laboratory in Kalamazoo, MI as a certifying scientist and a customer service representative.

Jason Dafnis, COM major/Humanities minor, 2014 was selected for a highly competitive paid internship at Game Informer, the largest print outlet for video game news in the U.S.

Jessica Roberts, COM major, 2014 was offered a position at Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan as a marketing and social media specialist.

The American Marketing Association (AMA) hosted the founders of the Grand Rapids Drive. The founders, who are 2010 Trine alumni, talked about their upbringing, time at Trine University, experience in the corporate world, and how they have moved on to conquer their dream.

Chemical Engineering 2014 graduates Ben Witter and Nick Kelsey were awarded 2nd Place at the 2014 AIChE National Student Design Competition for their design of a facility to manufacture an influenza vaccine using genetically modified cells.


A delegation of six Chinese school administrators from Anqing, China visited Trine University on October 30 and 31. They began their visit by attending an education class.

The scholarship committee of the Asphalt Pavement Association of Indiana (APAI) visited our Angola campus to interview three civil engineering student scholarship applicants.

Mark Helmke enticed a highly regarded war photographer named Andrea Bruce to speak to his Leadership Strengths and Skills class. She has covered many war torn areas of the world in the past 15 years for the Washington Post, New York Times and National Geographic.

Professor Tom Trusty, Steve Carr, Ph.D., Allen Hersel, Ph.D., Darryl Webber, Ph.D., and VK Sharma, Ph.D., met with representatives from Crane Naval Base to discuss opportunities available for ASOET students and provided a tour of the lab facilities.

Julie Howenstine, Ph.D., had Doug Johnston from PepsiCo speak to her MK203 classes about their marketing efforts in the Midwest.

Debra Jones, Ph.D., spoke to both the fall and spring (2015) student teachers related to important classroom management and legal issues. Dr. Jones is a former superintendent with many years experience as a teacher and an administrator.

Ryan Matthews (Distribution Sales Manager) and Matt Sturdy (Vice President of Sales for North America) from Actuant Corporation were guest speakers for Prof. Lucy Matthews’ Personal Selling and Sales Management course.

A Principals’ Panel was presented to help FSOE students understand the application and hiring process for gaining teaching positions. All FSOE students were invited. Four area principals participated: Mrs. Kristen Sine from Hendry Park Elementary, Mrs. Ann Rice from Angola Middle School, Mr. Jeremy Swander from Prairie Hts. High School, and Mr. Anthony Stevens from Edon Jr/Sr High School.


12/5: Honors Symposium – Best Hall 313, 3:00 p.m.

12/6: Applied Studies Recital – 7:00 p.m. in the T. Furth Center for Performing Arts, Ryan Concert Hall

12/7: Trine Music Department Christmas Show – 3:30 p.m. in the T. Furth Center for Performing Arts,    Ryan Concert Hall

1/28/2015: The Department of Mathematics, Informatics, & Cybersecurity will host the 40th Annual High School Mathematics Competition.